CT Scan

How did CT scan revolutionize medical diagnosis?

A CT scan or computed tomography scan uses X-Rays to make detailed picyures of parts of your body, and the structures inside your body. CT or computed tomography was developed independently by engineers named Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Dr. Allan Cormack.

For their work, Hounsfield and cormack were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1979. Robert S. Ledley, a physicist was credited with the invention of the first full- body CT scanner machine. Before the advent of CT scans, doctors, relied on X-ray images, which showed only hard tissue such as bone. A CT scan, on the other hand, give images of bone, soft tissues and blood vessels all at the same time. CT scanning provides medical information that is different from other imaging examinations.

CT scans are highly accurate, and play important roles in helping doctors make an accurate diagnosis. This painless and noninvasive procedure assists radiologists in quickly identifying cardivascular diseases, infectious diseases, trauma, and certain tyoes of cancer as well.

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